Moving Home & Loft Living

Hi there! It’s been a while since I made my last post. So much has happened since August including finishing my undergrad (!!!) and moving back home to Texas.

For those of you who may not know, I grew up in California, Texas, and Arkansas (in that order!) I spent about 5 years in each state until I moved out at 16 into a boarding school. The last three years were spent in San Diego where I went to college. If you’re keeping up with my math that means it’s been 5 years since I’ve lived at home! Needless to say, I was pretty anxious about moving back in with my parents. I grew accustomed to the dorm/apartment independent living and feared I wouldn’t have my own space to study and live comfortably moving back. I decided to make it my mission to construct a living space at home that would reflect my style and needs.

I felt that this post could be relatable because most people my age are still living in dorms or apartments or might even be moving back home like me. In general, I believe that your living space can play a huge role in your productivity when it comes to school/work and how you feel overall.

My parents’ home is set up such that the upstairs is one large loft style room. This is pretty common in many apartments that I’ve seen in San Diego. My main focus for moving back home is to have space where I can study and focus in my gap year before graduate school. That being said, I needed to make both a living space and a study space. If you’re like me, it’s extremely hard to stay focused on studying when your bed and desk are sooo close. It’s just too tempting to give up and be comfortable in your room. Usually, a good solution is going to a coffee shop or library (RIP Geisel days), however, I really wanted to make a space where I could do both.

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I achieved that goal by adding a simple room divider/bookcase that separated my bed and my working area as if it were a wall.

If you’re living in a smaller place or in a loft with low ceilings, I think it’s nice to get a very simple bed that is slightly raised so that you have enough room above you and you’re not on the floor.

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Processed with VSCO with m5 presetI got this duvet cover, the pillowcases, and the fitted sheet from Muji. I really loved the fabric and color of the duvet cover the first time I saw it in Japan but it was never available online for purchase. A few weeks ago in Hong Kong, I saw it and it was on sale (!!!) so I brought it all the way back. The texture of the fabric is extremely comfortable. I’ve shopped around a lot of different duvet covers and sheets but I find this one to be my favorite so far. Muji design is also so minimalistic and clean and their functionality is always spot on. The pillowcases have an extra layer underneath to hide the openings so you don’t have the problem of the pillowcases coming out or having your actual pillow exposed. It’s those little details that I just love.

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The bookcase/room divider has a pink/green/neutrals theme. Most of the items I already owned were in these colors but also I was weirdly inspired by my skin care bottles that I just find so pretty from the color and design of their packaging.

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I think my bookshelf really gave me the space to display my personal style and things that made my room homey. In my previous apartments, my place was always cluttered with things I couldn’t let go of like tons of photographs and random things I’ve collected with sentimental value. In this space, I wanted to keep those touches without being too overwhelming. So I kept some signature things like my favorite candles, books, and photographs.

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I tried to keep the minimalist style for my desk as well so I made a compromise by making things fairly simple while still maintaining some of my favorite essentials.  To me, creating a space that I would love did not mean going into IKEA or a HomeGoods just to find things that I thought were “aesthetic.” These were things I collected through the years in my travels and big milestones or things that I was given as gifts from my close friends and family.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

Unless you’re living in a door room, I think candles are a perfect touch to any home. They also make really great housewarming presents because not only do they look pretty but they’re also functional. When someone’s cooking and you live in a loft like me, candles can air out those smells. The panjore lychee one (pictured above) is my all-time favorite.

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Adding flowers or small plants can (literally) bring life to a space and bring together those green colors subtly. I also really love adding ceramic pieces. The ones pictured above and below are particularly special to me because they’re made by my talented sister!

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In the true apartment/dorm style I also added a minifridge to the room so that I don’t have to go downstairs every time for drinks and other small things throughout the day. I added in some corkscrew elements in my coasters and bottles to fit into the woodsy and neutral theme. The mini fridge is actually supposed to be a wine cooler but I liked the silver details and the see-through element of it. Still, to stay true to its purpose I picked up a few of my favorite bottles of rosé from Trader Joes.

* pro wine tip! If you’re living alone or with non-wine drikers, getting a twist cap bottle will help you preserve the wine better for more than one drinking. Unless you want to drink the whole bottle at once — that’s okay too.

Processed with VSCO with m5 presetProcessed with VSCO with m5 preset

I know that for many people, decorating their room or homes may not be a huge priority. But as a hobby and attempting to make a space more “you” I think interior design can really transform your day to day life! The most important part to me is making a space that really embodies who you are and even who you want to be. In my old places when my friends would come over for the first time they’d always say, “This is totally what I’d imagine your place would look like!” This new space radiates good vibes and it motivates me to study and get things done while also keeping me inspired for future projects.

The other half of the room that wasn’t pictured is still filled with empty cardboard boxes and unpacked suitcases…I’ll get to that soon.

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