Mini Guide to Osaka

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do but I get pretty exhausted after about a week of it. There has been only one place where I  like to travel to any time and under any weather – Japan. I visited for the first time last summer and fell in love so I returned that same winter. I really liked Osaka because there was a sense of homeyness about it. It felt big enough that there was an endless list of things to do but small enough where you could still stroll around and take it all in. Here’s a guide to some of my favorite stops in Osaka:

Kuromon Market

If you’re staying in the Dotonburi area this market is a 5-minute walk away. Make sure to go early in the morning when all the stalls will be open. This is a perfect market if you’re like me and enjoy tasting everything instead of getting full off one large meal.  Osaka is known for their takoyaki so trying some is a must! In the winter their white strawberries are everywhere and they taste as pretty as they look. Even if you’re not a big fish/seafood person you should still give the fresh food a try – it will blow your mind.
IMG_5259 copyIMG_5260 copyIMG_5261 copyIMG_5258-1.jpeg

Time to walk off all that food by taking a detour outside of tourist central. This coffee shop is a perfect stop for a pretty cup of cappuccino. Last winter I went here with my mom (who is very particular about her coffee) and she loved this place. Now when we go to coffee shops back home she tells me to order her a drink “like that coffee we had that one time in Japan.”


This is the perfect location to shop the best streetwear in Osaka. I love this place and have spent several hours here. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or just like window shopping you should definitely check this place out if you have leisure time. You won’t find your typical shops here, though. They mainly have boutiques for stores like Bape, Supreme, chic furniture shops, and consignment stores carrying vintage Chanel and Balenciaga among every name brand you can imagine. If you get tired from all the shopping there are endless amounts of coffee shops and cafes.

**if you plan on spending $$ here bring your passport with you because most of the stores will be tax-free!!



Afternoon Tea Teahouse 

The best in-between meal is High Tea. This teahouse has various sets you can pick with delicate mini cakes, cream puffs, and sandwiches. I personally really loved their beef stew! They have teas in every flavor hot or iced– whatever your cup of tea is 😉


nana’s green tea 

Green tea heaven. Everything you could imagine from tradition matcha to green tea parfaits.


Cafe & Meal MUJI

If you are a stationary lover then you know about MUJI. The brand is known for its minimalism and simplicity, making MUJI stores my form of heaven. There are a bunch of stores sprinkled around but this location recently opened a cafe following the brand’s concept.


Lowry’s Farm

There are so many shopping boutiques that I loved in Japan but Lowry’s Farm was hands-down my favorite. I bought the same pair of shoes there in three colors and wore them almost every day in the last year. That’s how much I love this place! You can find a store in every major department store around.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 8.32.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-07 at 8.37.07 PMKinnotorikara

I honestly should’ve put this first on the list because this chicken is the best thing I’ve ever eaten. This is the perfect late night snack with endless amounts of sauces to try it with. If you take anything from this post — try this chicken.


The city of Osaka is actually pretty huge, not to mention the surrounding areas like Kobe and Kyoto that you can easily take day trips to. My hope is to come back at least once a year and expand this list even more!

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